The Dream…..

Dennis and I owned a photography studio in Greenville and would host small elopements there (we are SC Notary Publics).  In 2008, we had a precious couple book with us that touched our hearts. 

The Groom had joined the Army because jobs were scarce and was leaving for deployment the next day. As they spoke their vows, everyone was in tears including me!  At that moment, I knew I wanted to offer them more than a simple elopement in a photography studio…I wanted to build a wedding chapel for these precious couples!

Dennis was not totally onboard with the idea until we had multiple calls in one day for our services…. they had more people attending than we could host at the studio.  He said, “Yvette, go buy your land”.  The chapel dream had begun!


The Location….

After “touring” Anderson, Greenville and Spartanburg counties for months, looking for just the right location, I finally found it in Taylors, SC.  It was an emotional moment…I could envision the white chapel on the hill with beautiful trees and grounds! It was becoming a reality!

With numerous ups and downs during construction, the red tape of getting architects, builders, financing and permits completed, it finally happened.  Skylight Chapel, 605 Groce Meadow Road, opened on April 22, 2010 with a grand celebration of friends, family and business associates!  

A Bridal Show, billboards and a news release by Channel 7 brought us our first Brides…we had our first wedding three days after we opened! “If You Build It, They will come” is a true statement and we have loved hosting every event for our sweet couples!


The Place….to say I do to the One you love….

Because of the emotions of a young Soldier, his lovely Bride and the yearning in our hearts to provide a place that couples could truly cherish….Skylight Chapel was born.  There is a sign over our entrance door that says “All Because Two People Fell in Love”….that young couple, my husband, Dennis and I…..and all those that have come through our doors….Skylight is the place for YOUR vision, memories and dreams.


NOW….The Real Love Story…..

You may have seen a picture of an old homeplace at the top of this page.  It was torn down to build the chapel.  Approximately a year after we opened, I received the following email……

“Hello!   My wife was raised in the house that originally stood where your wedding chapel is now. It was the home of Mr. C.P. Grant and his wife, Etta Lequire Grant.  In the 1940’s, they moved from the NC mountains to the little house on Groce Meadow Rd. He worked in textiles, she was a homemaker…together, they raised their 3 children there.  They planted the magnolia trees that you have.  Those trees came from Mrs. Revis’ nursery which is now covered by the waters of Lake Robinson. The Grants lived there through the mid-1990’s until they passed.  They were married for 60 years, both being lifelong members of Milford Baptist Church, where Mr. Grant was a Deacon for many years.

We cannot think of a more fitting tribute to their strong faith, devotion to each other and their families than to see their property used for a wedding chapel.  It is beautiful and we think the Grants would approve!  If you are interested in knowing more about the Grants or possibly have a picture of them, please contact us by phone or email.”

I was elated to receive this email!  The magnolia trees were a definite attraction for me…and to know this sweet couple were marred for 60 years…well, it was just meant to be a wedding place!

On October 13, 2013…the grandson of the Grants, and his beautiful Bride were married at the Chapel with their friends and families present.  We sealed a time capsule that day with information and pictures of the history of our chapel and its former owners.  It is scheduled to be opened in 25 years!

Now, it’s your turn….Will you honor us by having your event at Skylight Chapel? We’d love to be a part of your beautiful story!

With all our love,

Dennis and Yvette

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